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Planned Giving and the LOWLINC Legacy Society

The LOWLINC Board of Directors cordially invites you to join the LOWLINC Legacy Society. Inspired by a bequest received from the estate of long-time LOWLINC volunteer and member Nora Simpson in 2022, the LOWLINC Legacy Society was established to acknowledge friends and members who remember LOWLINC in their estate planning and wills. Legacy giving does not require a large income or vast estate. Legacy giving only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying LOWLINC in your will or estate plan. Only a statement of your intent to leave a gift to LOWLINC is required to join the Society – no documentation of gift amount or type is necessary.

Through planned giving, we can continue to help more older adults experience the benefits of LOWLINC membership and continue to live in their own homes independently. We can ensure our staff and volunteers have the resources available to expand LOWLINC services and activities as needed. We can strengthen our advocacy efforts to help meet the needs of older adults in our community, Orange County, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. We can form strong partnerships with other organizations, both local and national. 

If you wish to become a member of the LOWLINC Legacy Society, you may email your statement of intent as mentioned above to Jeanne Comeau at, or mail it to Executive Director, LOWLINC, PO Box 518, Locust Grove, VA 22508. Or, if you would like more information or have additional questions about the Society, please call Jeanne at 540-406-9662.

Thank you,

Steve Hein, President, LOWLINC Board of Directors

Jeanne Comeau, Executive Director

Benefits of membership in the Society include:

  • A relationship with LOWLINC and other donors during your lifetime.
  • Knowing your gift will create a legacy and continue to make a difference in the lives of LOWLINC members, members’ families, and volunteers in the future.
  • Invitation to special events.


More About the LOWLINC Legacy Society

Those who remember LOWLINC through a will, trust, designation, or other planned gift may join the LOWLINC Legacy Society. Too often, such gifts are unrecognized because organizations are unaware of these special gifts until the donor has passed away. The LOWLINC Legacy Society provides a way to recognize and thank donors during their lifetimes.

Membership in the Society also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of others who, like yourself, care about leaving a legacy to continue to serve older adults living in our community.

You may choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, participation in the LOWLINC Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience and may encourage others to look toward the future and how they too may have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.


Some Information about Planned or Deferred Gifts

Please note that the following is not intended as legal or tax advice. Before making a charitable gift, you are advised to consult your attorney, accountant, and/or other financial professional regarding legal and tax-related matters.


Bequests are outright gifts to LOWLINC through a will or trust, or, in the case of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), life insurance or other accounts, you may choose to designate LOWLINC as a partial or contingent beneficiary. Please consider leaving a charitable bequest to LOWLINC when executing a new will or trust, or by adding a bequest to an existing will or trust through a codicil or amendment. You may choose to leave a bequest of cash, or a portion of the residue of your estate.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance allow a donor to provide for beneficiaries, achieve tax savings, and make a larger gift than might otherwise have been possible. Consider contributing a paid-up policy that you or your heirs no longer need by naming “LOWLINC, Inc.” as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary. This method may provide an immediate tax deduction and a reduction in the total amount of your taxable estate.


Annual IRA Gift

You may be able to reduce your taxes by making a gift from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as LOWLINC. If you are 70 1/2 or older you can contribute up to $105,000 annually. Beginning in the year you turn 73, you can use your gift to satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution (RMD).


Income-Generating Gifts

Charitable-Remainder Trusts and Gift Annuities are additional methods of making a gift of assets during your lifetime that will ultimately benefit LOWLINC while providing income during your lifetime and/or your heirs’ lifetimes.


Please Note: All of the above is not intended as legal or tax advice. Before making a charitable gift, you are advised to consult your attorney, accountant, and/or other financial professional regarding legal and tax-related matters.

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