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Health Matters Toolkit


Developed by LOWLINC with a grant from the Culpeper Wellness Foundation, and based on materials from the National Institutes of Health National Institute on Aging.


Provides guidance on taking an active role in your healthcare, including preparing for a visit to your doctor or other healthcare provider and maintaining records to keep track of your health concerns, medicines and vital signs.


Download the Health Matters Toolkit:   Presentation   Worksheets


A limited supply of toolkits is available. Email LOWLINC via our 
Contact Page.

  Medical Note-taking Service

LOWLINC has trained volunteers as Medical Note-takers to accompany members to a medical appointment for the purpose of helping a member document the details of the appointment.  The notes can serve as a reference for the member and family members.  For example, the Medical Note-taker can take notes on the conversation between you and your healthcare professional, note your vitals and record new medication orders and information about any forthcoming diagnostic tests.  The Medical Note-taker also helps the member prepare for the visit, reviewing questions to be asked and then clarifying information that is recorded. The goal is to help a member stay in charge of their health care.  Click here for a summary of Medical Note-taking for Members by LOWLINC volunteers. 

Choosing a Nursing Home
Choosing a nursing home for yourself, a family member, or a friend can be stressful, especially when the patient has suffered a medical crisis: Factors to consider when researching a nursing home.

Creating a Plan: Discussing Difficult Topics with Loved Ones

The time to start talking to loved ones about their wishes for end-of-life issues is before a crisis arises. Carol Simpson, former executive director of AgingTogether, presents some tips for starting the discussion. From an article that appeared in Piedmont Lifestyle Magazines.  Aging Together’s mission is to strengthen, raise public awareness, and enhance the collaboration and communication between community-based organizations, churches, and government, concerning senior service needs in our region.  Click here for the article.

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